• Problems faced by OOH Advertising companies
  • Problems faced by OOH Advertising companies
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Problems faced by OOH Advertising companies

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Problems faced by OOH Advertising companies Though out of home (OOH) advertising can be a very effective way of reaching a large number of potential customers in India, there are a number of problems faced by OOH Advertising companies which have not been resolved till date. One of the main problems remains poor marketing of… Read More

Outdoor advertising in Indian village

Indian Village Advertising, ooh media, outdoor Ads, Wall painting

Advertisement in Rural Areas – Indian Village Advertising The development is at its pace and the rural areas are transforming into urban one. But it is not developed as urban areas , there is scarcity of resources than any developed town or city. When it comes to advertising in Indian village it becomes a great challenge. As… Read More

Bag Advertising-A best way to promote your Business!

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Promotional Bag Advertising Bag Advertising has been around for many years. The creative idea of using a carry bag as an opportunity to marketing to new targeted and potential customers is really pretty much brilliant. These Promotional bags get an average of 9000 impressions. Promotional Advertising bags are the most popular custom bag style. Custom… Read More

OOH advertisement in Events


OOH advertisement in Events Various Events in India has emerged from a long back Indian culture of social gathering in cases of festivals,weddings, Melas etc. Times have changed now and people have found different other ways to socialize and meet others. Events are one of them .Hmm.. more people gathering and it’s not BAD !dea… Read More


Do you want to try your hand on getting an article up on blog.themediabazaar.in ? Have a flair for writing outdoor Advertising, Online Advertising and Marketing, Blogging,Digital Marketing, Hoardings Advertising, Technology,Social media for online Marketing,B2B, Online Earning & Business articles and want to have it read by readers who share the same passion and interests?… Read More

Digital Billboards India catching advertising strategies !!

Digital billboards India

Digital Billboards India: In these days it is not enough to place a digital billboard anywhere. It is vital to make sure that a digital billboard’s message is rotated to a targeted population of audience. High going on foot traffic areas are often good placement spots for electronic billboards, specially as footman might stop to read information as… Read More


Digital billboards India

AIRPORT ADVERTISING INDIA The Airport advertising medium  is highly sophisticated advertisement option with an prestige factor. No other media option can give your company up to 2-4 hours of a professional executive’s time in a competitive environment other than airports. Key advantages of Airport advertising Media The airport advertising is an ideal medium to showcase… Read More

RURAL and village advertising campaigns in India

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RURAL and village advertising campaigns in India Rural Advertising through TheMediaBazaar network has made a big leap in the world of Out of Home marketing and advertising and it’s time to establish its existence more strongly after all these years of significant progress. Marketing Professor Surendra Kumar who is a part of the Indian Institute… Read More