‘Event Advertising’

OOH advertisement in Events


OOH advertisement in Events Various Events in India has emerged from a long back Indian culture of social gathering in cases of festivals,weddings, Melas etc. Times have changed now and people have found different other ways to socialize and meet others. Events are one of them .Hmm.. more people gathering and it’s not BAD !dea… Read More

Welcome to TheMediaBazaar


TheMediaBazaar Welcome to TheMediaBazaar – Indian’s largest centralized market ¬†place for all your advertising and marketing needs, to promote your business .     TheMediaBazaar provides various kinds of advertisement services listed below – OOH advertising¬† Mall advertising Television(TV) advertising Train advertising Digital marketing Newspaper advertising Airport advertising Kiosk advertising Contact¬†TheMediaBazaar http://www.themediabazaar.com/ +91 9620541463 /… Read More

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