Outdoor advertising in Indian village

Indian Village Advertising, ooh media, outdoor Ads, Wall painting

Advertisement in Rural Areas – Indian Village Advertising

The development is at its pace and the rural areas are transforming into urban one. But it is not developed as urban areas , there is scarcity of resources than any developed town or city. When it comes to advertising in Indian village it becomes a great challenge. As almost 67% of population resides in Indian village we can not ignore them if we want the product to be distributed and known all over the sub continent .

Efforts should be made to make villagers aware of different option available for a single product , like one product of different brands, they should be made aware of the term brand and the brand value of any product . This can be done by adopting various methods of promotions. Though promoting or advertising in the Indian village is can turn up to be more challenging because people there do not bother about such things, what they want is that their basic amenities should be full filled and elementary things should be available to them.

Indian Village Advertising, ooh media, outdoor Ads, Wall painting

They can be made aware about the variety by a directed en-devour , Like out door hoardings is one of the best way to attract the people in villages . If they don’t watch television or listen to radio or any media is not followed by them then making colorful, attractive and comprehend hoardings are the best way to let the common man know about the product. The major thing that should be kept in mind is that the language of the hoarding should be such that it is understandable to the mass.

Another great option to make people cognizant of the product is wall painting. Walls can be painted attractively and amusingly for the people so that it should be so alluring that it can make people to stop and read it. Bus painting or any vehicle painting can be done. As in Indian village there are buses or some particular vehicles for transport , these can be painted winsomely to attract the mass towards it .

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