RURAL and village advertising campaigns in India

RURAL and village advertising campaigns in India

Rural Advertising through TheMediaBazaar network has made a big leap in the world of Out of Home marketing and advertising and it’s time to establish its existence more strongly after all these years of significant progress. Marketing Professor Surendra Kumar who is a part of the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) acknowledges the importance of Rural Advertising  as he incorporated works of TheMediaBazaar in the 8th edition of his book-Advertising and Promotion.With Indian villages becoming more robust, interns of spending more with new sources of income, the weight any company put behind it’s marketing budget for villages is bound to increase.

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Time has come to consider this growing field of Rural village Advertising that seems to be increasing on a positive note by the day. The village Mass and ground root Advertising is expected to leave a permanent mark in the field of OOH marketing and Advertising  and is the next big phenomenon to look forward to advertising for brands in the future.Many Brands like Lux,Parle , Airtel,Lifebuoy,Bank of Baroda, Idea Cellular , Goodnight,SBI and more are using TheMediaBazaar branding and consulting services As on today 60+ Corporate brands and 100+ Small and Medium Enterprises ranging from General goods,Edibles, Telecom and banking business in small towns have turned to TheMediaBazaar’s Rural innovative Advertising for campaigns to increase their brands reach.

So, it’s time for companies to identify and tap this new trend and make this part of their combined media plan to enhance ROI as its available in Rajasthan ,Gujrat ,MP ,Uttar Pradesh ,Tamil Nadu ,Orrisa ,Mahrashtra ,Bihar, Goa ,J&K, Karnataka and Punjab. TheMediaBazaar is headed upwards to inspire those in the field of Rural Village Marketing and advertising  with its campaigns that are becoming sales and lead generation tools. TheMediaBazaar’s latest campaign for public sector bank has only added to the exponentially growing list of companies that are opting Rural Advertising,over other forms of marketing and advertising as a part of their media plan to tap the majority Indian population,which resides in villages.

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This particular campaign carried out in State Transport Bus stations of Rajasthan at locations including Kota, Dhod, Nagaur and Dholpur proved to be very successful. With multiple ways of brand promotion that included innovative bike display, distribution of informative leaflets, audio announcements and one to one direct interaction with target clients.This campaign crossed the expected attention and sales that were intended. The main objective of this Rural and Village advertising campaign was to help local distributors generate leads and to increase incoming presence at their showroom. The attractive display of the vehicle ensured that attention was drawn towards the brand. Further to this display, promoting staff provided relevant information about the brand to interested consumers. Leaflets carrying main information about the  brand were distributed and played a role in creating awareness about the brand . Finally, Audio announcements through TheMediaBazaar audio system at ST Bus stands helped in attracting attention of the people to visit the activation inside the Bus stands.

With audio engagement reaching to 50,000 target consumers every day and engagement with around 5000+ people, this campaign received 1,500 inquiries every day, thereby meeting the objective of providing local distributors with leads for this brand.Rural and village advertising continues creating waves in the field of advertising and TheMediaBazaar is proud to embrace it! The most common problem of any campaign is the reach and how frequently it’s done. Reach and repeating amount to the success of campaigns and if these factors are not met, it could lead to failure of the same. The Campaign should target on reaching maximum number of target consumers at continuous intervals. Now there is a perfect solution available for this  Rural Advertising at bus stands through digital radio  systems guarantee maximum reach at regular intervals every day.

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