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The Airport advertising medium  is highly sophisticated advertisement option with an prestige factor. No other media option can give your company up to 2-4 hours of a professional executive’s time in a competitive environment other than airports.

Key advantages of Airport advertising Media

The airport advertising is an ideal medium to showcase your brand to the HNI’s, white collar executives, senior business executives, decision makers and frequent flyers.The frequent flyers audience also generally has a higher spending potential. In addition, the airport OOH advertising  environment creates a positive environment to encourage more spending among the target audience.generally Airport audience are more aware and informed of the companies/brands they use and hence are more receptive to innovative advertising messages on AIRPORT ADVERTISING INDIA.

Mumbai Airport Advertising :

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport terminal is the second-busiest airport in India with more than 30 million passengers. This international airport is also the 31st busiest airport across the globe.In July 2010, the Chhatrapati Shivaji International AIRPORT ADVERTISING INDIA was ranked 4th best in the world for having modern aero bridges, glittering food courts, cafe,spas, and salons with modern touch.

The OOH advertising media  is present all across of the Shivaji airport from the check-in area to the final departure gates to the arrival section. The media plan with TheMediaBazaar  allows you not only target the specific target group at different parts of the airport but design a campaign that attracts the passenger all the time at the airport.The dwell time and high responsive and innovative means for display sites ensure high recalling for your brand value.

Travelers profile at Indian domestic and International airports :

Travelers skews towards SEC A, 25+ yrs age group – in short a very affluent target group
Frequent travelers are consumers of high end products and services
70% of this target travels for business purposes, almost 20% flyers are member of a frequent flier program.
47% flyers travel once every month, but only 20% are frequent fliers(Based on TheMediaBazaar’s internal survey)
On average travelers spend around 2.5 hours in total at an airport during a round trip travel.
75% of flight travelers look at Out Of Home marketing and advertising  at Indian airports during their time spent at the airport lounge – most look at backlit billboards,signages and TV advertising screens

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Airport Advertising India – Trends to watch Out for in 2014

Airport Advertising is among few  advertising and marketing media  whose demand is growing continuously throughout the year,due to growing income of professionals,which have made air travel more frequent, than never before. However, with each passing year with new additions of techniques that emerge popular trends are more effective in grabing the attention of the audience. After closing of 2013, let us now have a look at a few changing trends that emerged and are likely to continue growing in Airport Advertising India sector for 2014.

Brands from Newer Industries

2013 saw a  huge surge in number of brands  that traditionally did not invest in this latest medium have started reaping the benefits of Airport Advertising. Although Airport Advertising companies in India were expecting this phenomenon to happen as soon as airlines introduced low cost domestic flights, companies from newer industries took their time to give their trust on Airport marketing and Advertising. However, the trend is expected to continue into 2014 and the  Airport Advertising Agencies  India are waiting to impress upon the new clients enthusiastically.

Outskirts of the Airport

For many  OOH advertisers, Airport Advertising would include images of hoardings and digital signages inside the airport. But, Airport Advertising Agencies also utilize relevant sites outside the airport main building in order to target the people who come to see off or receive the travelers. These OOH hoardings  are likely to play an significant role as the AIRPORT ADVERTISING INDIA  is growing at good pace.

International Audience

International Airports, being the entry points of a country, are always a important hub for foreign tourists and executives. This provide an opportunity of effective impact international client exposure and an chance for the brand to put their plan forward for foreign countries. ThemediaBazaar Airport Advertising services  put the brand on the international arena and serves as a gateway to international market . TheMediabazaar Airport auto sector Launches are thus International Product / service launches.

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Interactive and Engaging Airport Ads

The innovative Airport Ads have gained prominence due to newly popular interactions facilitated by the growing social media online. While Airport Advertising in the rest of the world became increasingly dependent on technology, Airport Advertising India fell back on creativity and innovation to counter the requirements of interaction. The intelligently placed  billboards / signages ads  found way straight into the discussions of the people thereby increasing brand awareness by the mouth publicity. This growing trend is likely to continue into 2014 with newer and better innovations in AIRPORT ADVERTISING INDIA.

Airports in TIER2 cities:

AIRPORT ADVERTISING INDIA : With increasing number of Tier II Airports (domestic and even international at some places) are set to become key drivers for airports for  Airport Advertising India . Their has been enormous grow in business activities at these airports , so advertising rates and are very competitive enough and set to become much sought after sites. Also domestic airports are proving as good investment options in places such as airports in Jaipur, Goa, Ahmedabad,Jodhpur, Calicut, etc. at the beginning of 2014 .

Many AIRPORT ADVERTISING INDIA companies  like  TheMediaBazaar  and MyHoardings  have already started to make utmost use of the above mentioned trends that will define the way forward in 2014 for AIRPORT ADVERTISING INDIA.

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